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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hey Fibro, 

Spent another glorious day in the crib. Actually, that's not completely true. I actually walked 1/4 of a block to the mailbox and back. Of course, by then (all of 5 minutes) my entire right pelvis was on fire and my right ankle was barking at me. You like doing that to me, don't you?

Fun times. 

Oh! I did walk 20 paces to the dumpster as well! Joy! And other than constantly stretching my aching muscles and making sure I fed myself despite a lack of an appetite (per usual) I had a pretty full day no thanks to your shenanigans. 

At least it was pretty much sunny today. The fall air feels good to breathe in. Could be worse. We could've gotten that malicious Snowstorm that attacked the Northeast today. 15 inches of snow and 2.2 million folk without power. Jesus be a power line for them. 

I'm off topic. It's late. And even though I'm exhausted (again, per usual) in spite of my nearly 2 hour late afternoon nap (after that harrowing trek to get 2 pieces of junk mail) I know I'm going to be up til O Dark Thirty. No thanks to you for the nightly dose of insomnia, Fibro.

The Fibro Warrior Princess 

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