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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dear Fibro,

My mom says I shouldn't start my letters to you with "dear" because it denotes "love" or "affection."


You know I'm like Snoop Dogg, and since you act like one you should know "I don't love you, hoe."

I digress.

You are pissing me off this week. For 4 days I couldn't sleep. Stupid insomnia. On top of that I've got a pending sinus infection that I've been fighting. Taking Advil Cold & Sinus and using a Neti Pot thingy to rinse my nose out. I always feel like I'm drowning so you know I hate it.

On top of all that, my employers STD (that's Short Term Disability for you simpletons) administrators are pushing me to the brink of screaming. Since your ass, Fibro, cannot be proven with "objective" findings they want every single symptom listed that I'm going through.

My doctor is doing everything he can sending them info and they claim its "not enough to qualify you as disabled." I'm frustrated and want to cuss the WORLD out!!! But, that's my flesh talking. My spirit, God, is telling me to chill. Fall back. He got this.


Fibro, you won't catch me slippin' this time. No way. I even walked TWICE today. Both walks were 5 minutes each. See some of the readers may think that's pitiful, but that's why I write about you, Fibro, because "they" don't understand.

I'm not spending anymore time on you today. I had to get this stress out onto paper. My pressure is up, and my morale is down, but guess what...

"Though He slay me, YET will I TRUST in Him..." - Job 13:15

I may be down in my heart, but I know God is in control of all of this.

You lose again Fibro.

The Fibro Warrior Princess

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